Public Communication

For People, For Society, Fuji Baking Group
Contributes to Many Fields.

Popular with children and adults
Folk stories over the telephone.

We provide customers toll free audio service of a weekly changing Japanese folk story.
Customers can dial a toll-free telephone number on our products'wrapping paper
and hear a folk story weekly changed. Since this service started in 1981,we have been receiving many calls a day from children, parents and kindergarten teachers.
This original idea won the top prize at the telephone service competition
sponsored by NTT.
These stories are also available on our homepage (only in Japanese language).

Popular sports events
"FUJIPAN Cup"U-12 Soccer Tournament.

This soccer tournament has been held for elementary school children in the
Tokai area since 1983, and about 100,000 children participate every year.
This tournament is also held in Kyushu, Kinki, Chugoku and Tohoku area
every year. Making a contribution to regional sports and culture is a natural
outcome of the Fuji Baking Group philosophy.

Expending food culture development.

Fuji Baking Group established the 'Elizabeth Arnold Fuji Foundation'
in 1967 for quality improvement of bread using domestic wheat,
progressive baking technology, improved baking machinery, and scholarships.
Every year, the foundation has granted subsidies and scholarships to various
organizations and individuals and has also held sandwich cooking schools
nationwide for customers. Frozen bread has also been donated to the Japanese
Antarctic Research Expedition since 1966.

We also assist in disaster relief.

Because we have a role, as part of the bread industry, to provide food in a
disaster, we were on the scene supplying food for as many people as possible
like during the disastrous Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011.
We hope to continue to contribute to society according to our slogan,
'Happy Heartfelt Communication'.