Retail Bakery Section



Delicious Fuji Bread Brings a Smile to Customers.

Popular Bakery Shops Meet Gourmet Tastes.

Our main purpose at Fuji Bakery shops is serving the "just-baked" taste.
Using the ingredients of best-selection, each item is scrupulously hand-made.
The shops offer various kinds, such as high quality "Hotel" and
"Den-en" loaf bread, Danish pastries and other European style breads.

Individual Shops with Assorted Original Products Suit Local Taste

Retail Fuji bakery shops are proud to present a luxury atmosphere to meet
customers' demands. They all endeavor to gain more popularity, offering
superior service with their own marketing scheme. Voices from the customers
and local taste demands are seriously taken into consideration
in the selection of their merchandise.

Spreading that "Just-baked" Aroma
all over the Country.

Specialized Fuji Bakery Shops Respond to
Up-to-Date Food Trends
which Shift from Quantity to Quality.

Our specialized retail shops such as "Epi-ciel", "GRANO GRANO",
"ARTIGIANO", "Bernard", "Horn", "Baker Chef" have become an
indispensable part of major supermarkets and department stores.
All the specialized shops present high quality, which reflects our consumers'
preferences of quality to quantity.
The shops are all flourishing due to their careful selection of merchandise
as well as their own marketing scheme which value taste needs of each local area.
In addition to these specialized shops, franchises, privately-owned,
"sit-in" style shops or cafes are also opened after thorough research
on local needs and locational conditions.
They are gaining popularity, too.